Yayasan Cipta Mandiri (YCM) is an Independent Creative Foundation for disadvantaged children and youth in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. Rather than being a traditional academic school, YCM is a rumah pembinaan — a house in which students are able to build their self-confidence, general knowledge, and practical skills.

YCM is for children and youth aged from 10 to 22 who come from underprivileged backgrounds but are motivated to expand their knowledge and to exceed expectations. YCM began as a small facility for only a few children but today, with the invaluable support of sponsors, the foundation has grown to accommodate around 150 active students. YCM is housed in a two storey building which has classrooms, two computer rooms, two sewing rooms, and a kitchen.

YCM was established in 2002 by Mrs. Gesine Nitzschke and Ms. Putu Ayu Novitry Ariany, who shared a common vision for the foundation. The foundation is based on the values of mutual trust, responsibility, teamwork, creativity, and active input. YCM aims to maintain its current high standards, develop its internal systems, and build the capacity of its staff. The foundation is funded entirely through private sponsorship and donations.

"We make a living by what we get,

But we make a life by what we give."

Winston Churchill

The Video made by Yayasan Cipta Mandiri

What We Do?


Practical Curriculum

At YCM, students focus on practical skills including English language, IT, general knowledge, sewing, cooking, housekeeping, social issues, and current events. Furthermore, students are taught character-building skills such as self-reliance, independence, creativity, compassion, and critical thinking. YCM encourages students to ask questions, to talk about their goals and challenges, and to be aware of the difficulties faced by others.

Expectations and Responsibilities

Students attend because they wish to experience the atmosphere and teaching style of the rumah pembinaan. Students are under no obligation to join the school, but do so of their own volition, and are simply obliged to continue their commitment if they enrol. It is a very different setting for students who have experienced economic hardship in their daily lives, including unfair treatment due to their poverty, or disappointment in traditional educational environments.

Free Education

For many households in Indonesia, educational costs are a burden. At YCM, students attend free of charge. Our students have all experienced economic hardship and, as a result, they are considered eligible to join YCM. If required, some students are also provided with food and transport to enable them to attend. Furthermore, YCM assists some families to pay fees at public schools which students attend in addition to YCM, by facilitating sponsorship.

Friendly Atmosphere

YCM hosts communities and special activities, and enables students to build genuine and lasting friendships with one another. Tutors know the backgrounds of their students, which ensures that all students feel accepted and supported. YCM is proud to offer a welcoming environment in which all newcomers quickly become part of the YCM family.

Achieving Dreams

At YCM, students are encouraged to discuss their ambitions and to develop and visualise their dreams. The foundation is affectionately referred to as “The House of Dreams”. YCM aims to support as many students as possible in finding suitable opportunities for employment or further education.


From Monday to Friday, YCM offers morning and afternoon sessions in a range of topics. Within these sessions, class groups are divided according to students, ability to communicate and their level of analytical skills and global awareness, rather than simply by age.

The morning sessions often accommodate dropouts from traditional schools, while the afternoons typically cater for students who attend YCM in addition to their other educational commitments. Some students choose to attend both sessions.

The classes are defined by the symbolic names of Diligent, Responsibility, Discipline, Confidence, Explorer, Respect 1 and 2, Smart, and Happy. These words were chosen by the students to represent the beliefs and goals of their class groups.

Tutors select different topics each day that are relevant to each class and appropriate to the skill levels of the students. The tutors have a range of specialties, and share their knowledge with their students accordingly.


Every Saturday, YCM is home to several student communities. Students can elect to join various groups, including:

These sessions allow tutors to share knowledge with students in an ongoing structure. Students are able to direct their talents and to develop particular interests in a setting with likeminded peers.

Life Skills

YCM also believes in “learning by doing”. Students are given the opportunity to learn from new responsibilities, and undertake tasks outside of the classroom including:

Students are self-responsible for these tasks. There is no formal schedule, but all students are expected to identify tasks that require completion, and to ensure that tasks are completed to an appropriate standard. The atmosphere that is created by this level of responsibility and trust is significant. Students become engaged and enthusiastic in all tasks.

Who We Are?

Educates children of underprivileged families in Bogor, Indonesia.

Our Founders

Our Founders

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Our Tutors

Our Tutors and Staff

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our volunteers

Our Volunteers

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Gesine is a German expatriate who has lived and worked in Asia for 25 years throughout her life. She raised her family in Bogor, and lived there until 2008. Her background encompasses social volunteering roles in prisons and orphanages across Thailand and Indonesia. She also established a kindergarten in Bogor which ran for seven years.

Gesine has a passion for working with children, and relished in the company of YCM’s students when her own children grew up. She now lives in Bali with her husband, but visits YCM regularly to continue her hands-on approach. This includes supporting management decisions, assessing building maintenance and student discipline using her eye for detail, and following up with individual students or tutors facing difficult circumstances.

Gesine also continues to provide support through the development of partnerships and sponsorship opportunities.

client 2 Gesine Nitzschke Our Founder

Putu is an educator who was born and raised in West Java. Though her formal background lies in Biology, she has worked as a personal tutor for English-speaking students in Bogor and Jakarta, and at the International School of Bogor, in English as a Second Language (ESL), Bahasa Indonesia, computer studies, mathematics and biology.

Putu first became involved with the foundation when she and Gesine hatched the plan to start a new social project for underprivileged children in Bogor. They shared a vision of creating a unique learning environment centred on non-formal education, and founded YCM together in 2002. Putu lives in Bogor with her husband, and is looking forward to starting a family soon.

For now, she continues to tutor and motivate students on a daily basis at YCM and, as the Project Leader, provides the on-the-ground management of YCM’s administration and staff.

Putu Ayu Novitry Ariany Our Founder

From the beginning, Putu and Gesine relied on one another to make things happen. Together, they built the foundation from the ground up, and have watched it grow and develop ever since. Gesine and Putu believe that knowledge can be sought from anywhere. “Everyone can learn from everyone else,” Gesine says. “It’s not only academics who have knowledge to share.”
They are passionate about the unique and heart warming environment offered by YCM. “The positivity is contagious,” Gesine says. She delights in the experience of sharing a small idea with the students, and their receptiveness to thoughts and concepts, rather than simply to tangible items such as food. “I love that the students appreciate anything they receive,” she explains.
Both Gesine and Putu have seen many results in their time at YCM. They are still in contact with alumni who are thankful for their time at YCM; many past students have now married, and have found reliable and fulfilling employment from the opportunities and skills they gained at YCM, which has enabled them to support their families. They are often asked why they work so well together when they are from such different backgrounds. The answer lies in their shared values, their religious tolerance, and their enjoyment of being around people. As Putu says, “we have a shared respect for all human beings, and a shared focus on humanity.” This is the motivation that has driven their success at YCM.

client 1 Collaboration

It is a sad matter of fact that in Indonesia the majority of kids are still growing up in families that make a living on barely more than a few Dollars per day, if at all. One logical consequence is a lack of eduction as it’s simply not affordable for many.

Early on these kids typically lose hope that their lives could be any different from what they see in their families and neighborhoods. While in their teens many surrender any hope for an adult life beyond lowly paid jobs and poverty. No wonder that many teens hang out senselessly and a growing number become street thugs, fall pray to drugs and in extreme cases are recruited by religious fanatics.

YCM offers a real opportunity to break out of this vicious circle. The stories of numerous YCM alumni provide evidence that "history must not equal destiny". There is so much hidden talent and creativity in these kids. The inspiring surrounding of YCM is helping to bring it to light. I am very happy that I can be part of this process. The results I see are heart-warming and the most satisfying reward I could think of.

client 1 Thorsten Nitzschke (Retired business man, sponsor and regular inspirational coach in YCM)

Meet Our Tutors and Staff

Our Founders

Our Founders

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Our Tutors

Our Tutors and Staff

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service 3

Our Volunteers

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Bella enjoys teaching a range of subjects including global knowledge and English, particularly on topics focused around gender and sex education, and also oversees Dance Community. Bella joined YCM in 2008, after hearing about the project through the Social Work course from which she was about to graduate.

Bella believes she has matured during her time at YCM. She has broadened her perspective of life, and has “become happier and more independent.” She describes herself as a “non conventional Indonesian,” and believes that YCM supports both her character and her goals in the classroom. Bella brings confidence and encouragement to her students, she rarely has a silent class, and supports her students to be talkative and to participate actively.

In the future, Bella hopes to undertake a Master of Social Studies in an overseas English-speaking university. She then plans to return to Indonesia and continue to spread awareness of women’s roles and gender issues.

tutor Noviana Fazriah (Bella)


Ape enjoys teaching public speaking and presentation skills, and is also often responsible for the organisation and logistics of special events. He first joined YCM in 2006 and attended full time as a student, before beginning a government training course which limited his attendance at YCM. He later approached YCM to ask how he could contribute more to the foundation that had provided him with skills and confidence, which led to him becoming a tutor.

As a student, Ape gained courage to use his English skills; he disliked the theoretical subject at school, but soon found enjoyment in practical speaking at YCM. He now encourages his students to be more talkative and more confident. “If you have skills but don’t ever show them, they don’t count,” he says. He also gained open mindedness and an increased understanding of other cultures by being exposed to new people and ideas.

In the future, Ape hopes to start his own business in Event Management, which would combine his talents as a musician and performer with his skills in organisation and communication. He aspires to be a leader in his field.

tutor Apryandi (Ape)

Nur, mostly she teaches elementary students, covering Basic English for them. She first joined YCM in 2002 as a student.

In 2007, Nur started to teach at YCM, focusing on mathematics for elementary students. After a few months, she began teaching English and she didn’t only teach the elementary students, but also the bigger ones. In 2009, she received a full scholarship to continue her study to university from AWA.

During Nur’s time at YCM, she has improved a lot. “I was a shy person before coming to YCM. It has helped me to make myself better to socialize with other people,” she says. “The students at YCM are not only students, but they’re also can be friends to the tutors,” she adds. In the future, even though Nur wants to undertake further education, she’s ready to contribute to YCM.

tutorSiti Nurjanah

Ono enjoys using his strong English skills to teach games, and also uses his talent for sport to oversee the Basketball and Futsal Communities.He had always dreamt of becoming an educator or a soccer player and, at YCM, he is able to do both. He first joined YCM in 2005, and became a tutor in 2007.

“Being here has totally changed my life,” he says. “When I left primary school, I had no goals. Through YCM I have continued my education, and improved my personal skills and financial situation.” Ono’s specialty is developing his own educational games, particularly those which combine both literacy and numeracy in an interactive way. “Maths is my weakness,” he says. “So I asked myself, how can I make it strength?” The answer was to create a competitive counting game based on the alphabet, which has proven successful with students.

In the future, Ono is hoping to continue studying in Education, Sport, or English. Ultimately, his aim is to become a Sports Coach.

tutor Agus Cahyono (Ono)

Resti is a current student at YCM, and also works as a tutor on a part time basis. She teaches the subjects that she finds most enjoyable and useful as a student – global knowledge, English, and Maths. Resti joined YCM in 2010, after graduating from high school. In 2012, she began to assist tutors and to transition to becoming a tutor herself.

Resti enjoys meeting new people, gaining confidence in English speaking, and being given responsibility at YCM. As she is considering a career in teaching, her time at YCM gives her valuable practical experience in the classroom. She enjoys answering her students’ questions, and creates an environment in which they feel comfortable to speak up. Resti is passionate about working with people.

Resti’s goal is simple – to share all her knowledge and enthusiasm with her students. She also imparts her confidence to them: “We are all the same. We all eat rice. No one needs to be shy around anybody else,” she says. She is hoping to undertake further studies in Education in the near future.

tutor Resti Tiara Sari

Ronald is a tutor in English. He first joined YCM in 2007, and was a student until 2011, at which time he was sponsored to attend college through YCM.Whilst he undertook his degree, he wanted to continue supporting the students, so he accepted the offer of becoming apart time tutor at YCM.

“I have gained a lot of things from YCM,” Ronald says. “Before YCM, I didn’t have dreams. Being here helped me to build dreams, and taught me how to pursue them.” He improved in areas such as English and Computing, and also developed his soft skills. “Before YCM, my English was zero, and I wasn’t really brave enough to talk. But now I am studying English Literature and, as a tutor, I guide my students to improve their talking skills too,” he explains. He chooses activities that encourage students to present their work verbally, and he then supports them to correct and improve their English.

Ronald is part way through his undergraduate degree. In his spare time, he writes songs and performs as a vocalist in a band which performs around Bogor. He hopes to continue further study in the future, perhaps by undertaking a Master of Music at an overseas university.

tutor Ronatal Siahaan (Ronald)

Kohar teaches basic computer skills, website development, and English. He also assists with administrative responsibilities such as the daily timetable. He joined YCM in 2005, and spent four years as a student before being offered the chance to become a tutor. He was supported to complete external IT and web design courses so that he was qualified to take over such duties at YCM.

Being a student at YCM gave Kohar the confidence to seek the opportunities he wanted. He enjoys helping others, and is now motivated to help current students achieve their goals. “No one can change your life except you,” he says. His advice for all his students is to actively seek opportunities. He focuses on empathising with students, and understanding what they need through talking and sharing.

His dream is to have his own business, running a restaurant or internet café with a swimming pool and clothing outlet attached.

tutorAbdul Kohar

Havni is a Computer Teacher. She joined YCM in 2008 and immediately felt comfortable in YCM’s welcoming environment, and enjoyed working with the computer classes. “I’ve gained lots of things from this place, such as English skills, and web browsing,” she says.

Throughout the week, she teaches basic computing in Microsoft Office programs including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Sometimes, when students are having school exams, she supports them by teaching maths. Havni is passionate about encouraging her students to be generous with their knowledge. “If you just keep your knowledge only for you, it will be easy to lose,” she says.

In the near future, she wants to make modules about Microsoft Office programs for her students. In addition, she wants to teach Microsoft Access. “I hope the students understand what I’ve taught, and I hope they can be better than me,” she says.

tutor Havni Syafadinah

Hendi is a tutor in Art and English.He joined YCM in 2007, shortly after completing a course in graphic design. Being a tutor at YCM has given him an opportunity to learn organisational skills, share his design knowledge, and practise in YCM’s video editing room.

He encourages students to communicate ideas in a creative, visual way, to support their verbal interactions. “For me, painting is a way of expressing myself,” he says. He finds a quiet area and focuses on the messages he is trying to communicate through his work. His strong relationships with his students allow him to impart this knowledge to them.

In the future, Hendi hopes to have his own equipment including a camera and PC, to allow him to create his own animation movies. He also aspires to have a gallery to hold exhibitions and to display his own work.

tutor Hendi Wahyudi

Dedeh oversees YCM’s KamarFilms Community, and is responsible for producing and directing materials that capture YCM, including documentaries and other media. She first joined YCM in 2007 when she was at university. She was a YCM student for two years, but later left to pursue employment opportunities, before returning when she was offered a unique role of being a tutor.

YCM improved Dedeh’s English skills and her confidence. Her time as a student also increased her commitment, responsibility, and tolerance. Her current role allows her to work alongside the students to facilitate their interest in film projects, this approach results in few borders between Dedeh and her students, and they feel that they can ask questions without hesitation. This also means she is not always based in the classroom, but supports students on excursions to collect photographs and footage.

In the future, Dedeh hopes to continue her studies in multimedia.

tutorDedeh Thowiyah

Sugeng is a computer technician. He joined YCM in 2009 and started as a student, joining English classes and computing. After a few years learning at YCM, he was sponsored to continue his study. He undertook IT subject as his major at a local course around Bogor.

Sugeng has gained a lot of things beside English and computing. He said that the facilities in YCM are so supportive and useful for improving his computer skills. In the future, he wants to make software that can be useful for many people.

tutor Sugeng

Ibu Lilis is YCM’s most experienced sewing tutor. She first joined YCM in 2004 because she wanted to share her knowledge with underprivileged students, to support them in gaining independence.

Ibu Lilis teaches sewing skills, including patternmaking and overlocking. She teaches her students to be disciplined and encourages them to work hard, to increase their chances of success in the future. Her students produce toy animals and boxer shorts for sale.

She has enjoyed meeting a broad range of people through her role, and particularly enjoys YCM’s community atmosphere. “Everyone is very friendly; they are like my second family,” she says.

tutor Ibu Lilis Sukarlis Sewing Teacher

Dewi is a current student at YCM, and is also a part time tutor in Sewing. She joined YCM in 2010, and began tutoring in early 2012. She has strong organisational skills, and provides support in arranging the cooking schedule and other tasks.

She enjoys teaching and was motivated to challenge herself with a tutoring role. Dewi helps to run classes in the sewing room throughout the week. “By joining YCM, I could learn many new things – about friends, English, and sewing skills,” she says.

Although she is passionate about sewing, she is also known as a great cook. She dreams of opening a traditional restaurant in the future.

tutor Dewi Ernawati

Mas Boy is a current student at YCM, and also works as a part time tutor in Sewing and Design. He began as a student in 2010 and began the transition to becoming a tutor in 2012. He also now oversees the Fashion and Design Community.

Mas Boy heard about YCM in the course of looking for employment in Bogor, and was immediately interested in joining. As he does not have family or supports in Bogor, YCM assisted him through accommodation and a scholarship. He enjoys his time at YCM because of the opportunities to improve English, and the ability to practise his skills in the sewing rooms. He is well known for his design skills at YCM, and his dream is to turn his talent into a career.

Mas Boy has also earned another scholarship to study in Fashion Design, and travels to Jakarta for two days per week to learn from a designer there.

tutor Didi Suandi (Mas Boy)

Amank is an Accounting Assistant. He first joined YCM in 2008, and took on accounting responsibilities in 2010 after being supported by YCM to undertake relevant external courses which he was interested in. Amank’s role includes recording daily costs, balancing monthly expenses, and coordinating the payment of school fees and sponsorship. He also purchases school resources when necessary – anything from rice to soap to a new toilet door.

He has gained “everything” from attending YCM. Throughout elementary school, junior high school, and senior high school, he had no confidence in speaking English, and lacked clear goals. YCM provided him with an environment to learn such skills and motivation in a practical way. “I also learned life lessons here,” he says.

Amank is currently undertaking another Accounting qualification at college in addition to his work and study at YCM; he hopes to continue working in the field in the future. He also aspires to manage a restaurant business in Bogor, inspired by his time washing dishes in a restaurant, and the desire to advance himself by using his financial skills in that setting.

staffRustam Zubaeri (Amank)

Bugi is YCM’s part time Sports Coach. He first joined YCM in 2006 to improve his English, and was a student for several years. He also graduated from a course in Sports Education in 2010, and then accepted a position as Sports Teacher at a local elementary school. He has continued to act as YCM’s Sports Coach on Saturdays.

He loves the educational aspect of his work, and enjoys having a career through which he can stay healthy. He believes he benefitted from the new experiences and friends he found during his time as a student at YCM; his English skills improved as a result of practising with other students and international volunteers.

Although Bugi intends to continue teaching for the rest of his life, he also hopes to earn a scholarship to continue his studies in Sport at an overseas university.

staff Bugi Permana

Current Volunteers

Joakim is our recent volunteer whose nationality is Switzerland. This is the first time for us to have had a volunteer apart from Germany and Australia. Joakim will be volunteering at YCM for about 4 months through a program called AFS.

In his daily days at YCM, he is interested to teach the students about English grammar, geography, and French. “It’s great to be here and the people are really friendly,” expresses Joakim. “I like the students, because they are very active during the classes.

We are looking forward to sharing cultural perspective with Joakim, both Joakim and the people at YCM will try to understand their own culture.

volunteer Joakim Bonny

Bente is a German volunteer and will be spending her time in Bogor for 4 months through a private program. Having known YCM from her mother’s friend, Bente was intrigued to experience abroad teaching, in which her background education was German Literature and History.

Lately, she’s been teaching English grammar. In the near future, she said that she would provide German classes, including the history of Germany.

“I love it being here. The atmosphere is positive,” says Bente, feeling happy to have a chance to contact with the people at YCM. “I find the students are very enthusiastic toward education,” she adds.

volunteer Bente Hartel

Ale has been volunteering at YCM for around 5 months. He knows YCM from Die Brucke, because his mother is one of the Die Brücke member. That’s why he’s interested to be involved with social project.

Ale likes to provide classes with science and biology to our students, because he took those subjects when he was still in high school.

“It’s a life here”, says Alejandro, “I can share many things with the students,” Ale says that being at YCM feels like home. In some ways, some people here are like his family, sharing things without doubt.

“I feel lonely when the boys go to the mosque to pray,” exclaims Alex, considering that he cannot be left by them even for a sec.

volunteer Joachim Stender (Ale)

Long Term Volunteers

We have hosted a number of long term volunteers in the past.

  • Marieke van der Rest, private volunteering, 2014
  • Hannah Siegert, AFS program, Germany, 2013-2014
  • Leonie Kleymann, AFS program, Germany, 2013-2014
  • Amelie Zachger, private volunteering, Germany, 2013
  • Anna Retzer, private volunteering, Germany, 2013-2014
  • Clara Engelien, private volunteering, Germany, 2013
  • Lilly Laugenstange, private volunteering, Germany, 2014
  • Joana Piel, private volunteering, Germany, 2014
  • Tina Bürkle, AFS Program, Germany, 2012-2013
  • Britta Perschmann, AFS Program, Germany, 2012-2013
  • Hannah Maddison-Harris, AYAD Program, Australia, 2012-2013
  • Rahima Hayes, AYAD Program, Australia, 2011-2012
  • Micha Bender, AFS Program, Germany, 2011-2012
  • Nadine Schartz, AFS Program, Germany, 2011-2012
  • Max Hoferichter, private volunteering, Germany, 2011-2012
  • Simon Wöller, private volunteering, Germany, 2011-2012
  • Fabian Alkass, AFS Program, Germany, 2010-2011
  • Phillip Nowak, AFS Program, Germany, 2010-2011
  • Mark Goosage, AYAD Program, Australia, 2010-2011
  • James Maiden, AYAD Program, Australia, 2010-2011
  • Jennifer Owens, VIDA Program, Australia, 2009-2011
  • Jascha Greubel, AFS Program, Germany, 2009-2010
  • Stefan Schmidt, AFS Program, Germany, 2009-2010
  • Alex Engel, AYAD Program, Australia, 2008-2009
  • Ellen Harte, private volunteering, Germany, 2009
  • Rebecca Lewis, AYAD Program, Australia, 2009
  • Elder Bikker and Sister Bikker, USA, 2006-2007
  • Elder Keane and Sister Keane, USA, 2007-2008
  • Trutz von Klodt, AFS Program, Germany, 2007-2008
  • Violetta Engelien, private volunteering, Germany, 2007
  • Edwina Reid, private volunteering, Australia, 2007

Workshop Volunteers

We have also hosted guests who donate their time to provide specialised workshops. This is a non-exhaustive list of those who have contributed their time.

  • Suzanne Rastovac & Jeremy Flohr, Music workshop, Netherlands, 2014
  • Peter & Delma, Science workshop, Australia, 2014
  • Christa Fuelster, Vocal Training Workshops, Germany, 2012
  • Karen Armstrong, USA, 2012
  • Rosemary Cadden, English Workshops, Australia, 2011 & 2012
  • Thorsten Nitzschke, Motivational Workshops, Germany, 2011 & 2012
  • Sally Letcher, Australia, 2009

Past Volunteers' Testimonies and More Information

“Before I came to Indonesia … I had been warned of closed minded people. That is simply not true. All of the students and tutors of YCM always appeared to be extremely open to me. I never felt as if I imposed myself on anybody. On the contrary, I thought I could really achieve something with my work and that everybody was unbelievably thankful for that… I cannot even retell all the successes and developments I witnessed during only six months in Indonesia. On top of that, I had fun. I made new friends and learned a lot. This project offers much more than just lessons and is much more than just a school. YCM never fails to make one smile as one enters the building and is welcomed by such affectionate and warm people. It feels like coming home. I am more than content with my decision to go to Indonesia and to help at YCM. Not only because I think that YCM helps a lot of students and makes them happy, but because it helped me and made me happy.” Max, Germany.

“To come here was one of the best decisions of our lives.” Simon, Germany.

“YCM is a place where the students can learn important skills to give them better chances in the difficult job market in Indonesia. I volunteered at YCM for one year from 2010 to 2011. I was impressed by the atmosphere there. Every student is willing to learn a lot and everybody is working and learning together in harmony… Every student is a part of YCM, so every student is given tasks to do like cooking shopping or cleaning. Through this system everybody learns to take responsibility. For example, every day a group of the morning classes cooks food for lunch. For some students it is the first time that they have cooked, especially for the boys. YCM has also nice activities like basketball, soccer, and traditional dance on Saturday. It is a good chance to develop relationships outside of learning lessons… YCM is a very useful and effective project. Through this project, a lot of students have already gained a chance of a better life. It is not only a place where students can learn useful skills, it is also a place where they can find motivation and hope for a better future in a hard environment.” Fabian, Germany.

"When I first came to YCM I was so surprised by all the cheerfulness. All the kids are so eager to learn, because they know how important education is for them. Truly, I even felt a bit ashamed because I wasn't so grateful for my time at school. But with such happy faces around, it was always great to teach and to see them getting better at what they liked. I hope I can stroll by YCM someday soon, because I miss the great time I had at YCM." Jascha, Germany.

"My time at YCM was inspirational and life-changing. The absolute dedication of all staff and tutors is remarkable, but the most special thing is the ownership that the students have of the Yayasan — the leadership they show and the responsibility which they take for their own learning and development. This is what the Yayasan is all about, and it does its job VERY WELL!" Alex, Australia.

"I was a volunteer at YCM for two months in 2009 and I still cherish the experiences I had there. It was great to spend a few weeks teaching in a place that is so full of positive energy and creativity. YCM teaches its students a lot of important, useful things, not only when it comes to linguistic and computer skills, but also when it comes to confidence and a positive, hopeful approach towards life. In class, the teachers address topics that the kids might otherwise not hear about in their daily lives, and the classes challenge them to question what they know, make up their minds and form their own, informed opinions. I certainly learned a lot from the kids there as well, whose humour and creativity left me very impressed." Ellen, Germany.

More Information


Our past and present volunteers have contributed greatly towards our development and have supported us to reach our goals. We have hosted volunteers with the assistance of:

  • Internationaler Jugendfreiwilligendienst (IJFD) which is the International German Youth Voluntary Service, a directive of the german ministry für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend (BMFSFJ), facilitated through AFS Intercultural Programs.
  • Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development (AYAD) Program, part of the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID)’s Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID) Program, managed by Austraining International.

  • Volunteers for International Development from Australia (VIDA), now incorporated into the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID)’s Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID) Program, managed by Austraining International.

  • Self-funded private volunteers.

For more information about German government Volunteers programe, visit BMFSFJ’s IJFD page.

For more information about Australian Volunteers, visit AusAID’s AVID Portal.

For more information about self-funded private volunteers please contact or

Students Testimonies

Our students come from varied backgrounds, and have all experienced economic hardship or other social problems. As a result, they are considered eligible to join YCM. Without their poor backgrounds, they would not have the chance to receive the support of the foundation. Some of our students have also been lucky enough to earn scholarships in their time at YCM.

Please read our students’ own words to understand how their involvement at YCM has affected their lives. Students were assisted with translating their thoughts into English by our tutor, Ronald.

I started learning at YCM in 2011. I found myself bored with the activities that I did before coming to YCM, which were going to school from Monday to Saturday and doing nothing at home. Afterwards, I got involved with YCM, where I could improve my English. In addition, I have also found my passion in filming, computing, and editing.

I didn’t have any special abilities before joining YCM; even though my major in high school was automotive engineering, I didn’t get enough knowledge to work in this field. Through YCM, I’ve met many people who can teach me new things.

For my long-term goals, I want to travel throughout European countries and hope to get a proper job there. I want to work as an editor at a production house. My other dream would be to create a place like YCM.

students Taufan,20 years old.

I joined YCM in 2010. I was still a student at high school when I started learning at YCM. Most of the time, I went to school and studied hard. I’ve gained many things from YCM, especially English, computing, and accounting. Besides, I am also taught about soft skills like character building, boosting confidence, and being disciplined.

I used to be confused about setting up my goals. But after I learnt a lot at YCM, I’ve changed a lot. I’m always motivated by the tutors. Now, I’m bold to dream. In the future, I want to be a host and an accountant.

students Amalia (Uni), 20 years old.

I started at YCM in 2010. Before I got involved here, I had been hanging out with my friends and going out to some places I wanted. Those were the things that I mostly did and I think I just spent my time uselessly. Now, I’ve gained many things from this inspirational place such as English, computing, filming, and editing.

YCM has turned my life upside down since I started learning here. The tutors have taught me to be confident, disciplined, and independent. Now, I dare to dream as high as I want. In the future, I want to be a businessman, running a clothes factory. I also want to be an editor. And finally, I want to be a DJ.

students Lukman, 22 years old.

I joined YCM in 2010, and before that, I used to go to school, hang out with my friends, help my mom doing chores, and look after my little brothers and sisters.

One of the roles of YCM is to motivate its students on pursuing dreams. I have absolutely been motivated, where I’m bold to dream as much as possible. When I was young, I wanted to be a doctor without giving it much thought. I have improved my English skill since I joined YCM. Furthermore, now I have become more diligent. As a result, my grades at school have become better.

Now I have a clear vision: my goals are to be a chef, own a restaurant, be a host.

students Alma,17 years old.

I started joining YCM in 2013. Before I came here, I had worked at one of the companies in Bogor. Through YCM, I’ve learnt a lot of things such as English, fashion design, computing, sewing, and confidence.

Before YCM, I didn’t know what I wanted to be and was confused about setting up my goals. But after I joined YCM, everything seemed crystal clear. Now, I’ve found my passion and I have absolutely set my goals.

I want to be a fashion designer in the future and build my own boutique.

students Riska, 22 years old.

I started joining YCM in 2010. Before attending YCM, I was busy with school and futsal community from junior high school.

There are a lot of things that I have gained from YCM such as a variety of general knowledge, English, friends, independence, and computing. In this place, I feel that its friendship and togetherness have affected my life. Moreover, the tutors never get tired of motivating all the students to dream confidently.

I would like to be a businessman or soldier.

students Ari, 17 years old.

I started learning at YCM in 2013. I had worked for a couple of months in Jakarta before joining YCM and was involved with a rock band in Bogor.

YCM has taught me a bunch of things such as English, filming, editing, and computing. YCM has also taught me how to be an independent, disciplined, and confident person. I’ve got new friends and I have also found a friend who has the same favorite genre of music as me. We both like jazz music. I used to be a loner before coming to YCM. But now, I am more confident.

I want to be a tourist guide and I want to work in a production house. Some time in the future, I want to jam at a café, focusing on jazz music, so I could earn money from my music.

students Rama,23 years old.

I became a student of YCM in 2013. Before YCM, I spent my time as a junior high student and I just stayed at home after school. There are a lot of things that I have gained from YCM such as sewing, English, confidence, new friends, and Adobe Photoshop.

My life has totally changed since I came to YCM. I used to be a silent and shy person. As I have learnt a lot of new things, I have become a talk-active student. Before joining YCM, I had no idea what I wanted to be. Finally, I have found my passion and set my goals thoughtfully. When I grow up, I want to be an editor in a field of filming.

students Rina , 17 years old.

I started learning at YCM in 2013. Before getting involved at YCM, I used to be a street musician. I also helped my mom selling fries around my neighborhood. In my free time, I used to fix motorcycles, especially Vespa.

It’s a misnomer to call YCM a formal school. Here, I have gained various things that I never get from school such as learning English with foreigners, making friends with different background of age and education, and being motivated by the tutors on accomplishing my dreams.

Someday, I want to be an English teacher. While being a teacher in the future, I also want to be an entrepreneur.

students Syafullah, 18 years old.

I first joined YCM in 2010. When joining at YCM, I was still a student at elementary school. I have gained lots of things from YCM like English, Computing, German, and motivational lessons.

I used to be a lazy person before learning at YCM. But, my laziness has gone quickly ever since I came to YCM. I have become more diligent in learning new things. I would like to be a soccer player in the future.

students Fanny,15 years old.

I started joining YCM in 2010. My activities before joining YCM were going to school and playing with my friends. At YCM, I have academically improved a lot. From Monday to Friday, I am taught English by the tutors and the volunteers. As a result, my grades at school have become better than before. Besides, I have also gained things like computing, biology, art, and martial art. One thing that makes me comfortable being here is that everyone is kind and friendly. In the future, I want to be an astronaut.

students Rafika, 13 years old.

Alumni Stories

Our students leave YCM as capable, confident young people. Many of our alumni have been successful in finding scholarships or permanent employment once they have left.

I joined YCM in 2005. Basically, I learned English and computing. But I was also trained to be a confident person. YCM was just like my second family and was convenient to me. I met many friends who were really friendly. In 2009, I undertook a sponsored course at International Garment Training Centre (IGTC) in Bogor. Now I work at a garment company in Bogor.

Before learning at YCM, I just spent time uselessly by playing guitar every day and hanging out with my friends. Since I joined YCM, I have become more diligent and wise of using my time. In the near future, I want to be an entrepreneur. Someday I want to have a lovely family. For the current of YCM, I’d like to remind you that you have to use your time wisely, because you will regret at the end if you don’t do so.

alumni Rizky (Ebo)

I began learning at YCM in 2005. Basically, I learned English and computing. But I also got two main precious things which were motivational lessons and life skills. Those two things that have made my life become better. In 2010, I got a sponsored course from International Garment Training Centre (IGTC). Now I work at a garment company in Bogor.

Before joining YCM, I just spent my time at my former junior high school. At that time, I always got home very late in the afternoon, so I couldn’t attend any other activities unless school. YCM has helped me to change my mind-set about setting goals. Additionally, YCM has also given me a lot of opportunities that have led me into a better life. In the near future, I want to get promoted in the company I work for and I want to get married.

For YCM’s current students, be open-minded people and be thankful of what you’ve got. Mbak Putu once told me that luck is the combination of readiness and opportunity, so if you have them all in you, you’ll be a lucky person.

alumni Jaji

I began learning at YCM in 2006. There were lots of things that I have received from YCM such as English, computing, and social skills. In 2010, I left YCM for a sponsored course at International Garment Training Centre (IGTC) in Bogor. Now I work at a garment company in Sukabumi, West Java.

Before joining YCM, most of the time, I just went to school and stayed at home. Back then, I used to be a daydreamer. Right after I had been involved at YCM, I realized that I shouldn’t have daydreamed that much. From that moment, I started to think that all I had to do was to make my dreams come true. YCM has taught me to be a confident person.

Someday, I want to be a businessman and undertake further education. I would just like to suggest the current students at YCM to be more communicative and confident, because with those two skills, you’ll have a successful future.

alumni Amir

About Bogor

We have compiled some information about our city, which may be useful if you are considering joining with us as a volunteer or a sponsor, but have never visited Bogor before.


  • Bogor is located in West Java, approximately 60kms south of Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta.
  • Bogor has a population of around 3 million, inclusive of suburban areas.
  • It is known as the “city of rain” for its high annual rainfall, and it has a considerably cooler average monthly temperature than Jakarta due to its higher altitude.


  • The official language is Bahasa Indonesia.
  • The traditional regional language, Sundanese, is widely spoken.
  • English is the most widely spoken foreign language.


  • Islam is the dominant religion.
  • Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, and Buddhist communities are also represented.

Activities in Bogor

  • The Bogor Botanical Gardens were founded in 1811 and are considered world class.
  • Cap Go Meh features a parade and art performances for Chinese New Year.
  • The Bogor Cultural Festival celebrates the anniversary of the city.
  • Bogor is famous for its markets and factory clothing outlets.
  • Every Sunday morning, a section of Bogor’s main road is car-free, to allow for jogging and social fitness.

Common Transport in Bogor

  • Angkots, small buses that service the whole city, are the most popular and affordable transport option.
  • Ojeg, motorcycles servicing all areas, are available to take single passengers on request.
  • Taxis are available but are not a popular option due to limited numbers and high cost.
  • Trains are available on a regular basis to major centres including Jakarta.
  • Delman, a small horse and cart, are available for short trips in the Botanical Gardens area.
  • Walking and cycling are also possible due to Bogor’s convenient size.

Typical Food in Bogor

  • Roti Unyil is a small bread snack, containing a range of fillings such cheese, sausage, chocolate, banana, or coconut.
  • Toge Goreng is a popular stir fry of bean sprouts with rice dumplings and sambal (chilli paste).
  • Mie Golosor is a traditional type of slippery yellow noodle, served with green vegetables and peanut sauce.
  • Talas is Bogor’s signature vegetable, a tuber similar to sweet potato which can be stewed, boiled, or fried.
  • Asinan is a salad of preserved raw fruit, served in a sweet, spicy, salty, and sour sauce, which is unique to Bogor.


Our Media Story

Cleaning Day at YCM - See the photos on our Flickr

Yayasan Cipta Mandiri's Students at one of local TV channel with Fade2black

Yayasan Cipta Mandiri, the Place Where Dreams Are Encouraged, The Jakarta Globe.

Merajut Mimpi Bersama YCM, Warta Pakwan

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Latest News

YCM’s Tutors Outing

by Resti Tyara Sari

"In front of Mas Boy's house, we took a group picture after walking around the 'kampung' in the morning." Hendi Wahyudi/YCM

At the end of September, YCM’s tutors had an amazing trip. It was an annual outing for the tutors of YCM to have a holiday in order to establish the togetherness among the tutors. We spent two days and one nightat Ciparasi, Banten. It is a hometown of one of our tutors, Mas Boy. Renting two cars with 5 hours trip, the thirteen tutors (ten locals and three volunteers) were enjoying the atmosphere of fresh environment.

The first thing that made us so happy is the river that looks so muchcleaner than it is in the city. Wewent to the river after we ate the food that had been prepared by Mas Boy's family. Some of us were swimming and the rest were just playing aroundwith it .We didn't stay long because the weather was getting cold. When we walked to the house and passed the neighbor’s houses, all of them were staring and following us like we were someHollywood’sStars. Kids, teenagers and even some ladies were so curious about us. They followed us into Mas Boy’s lawn. Some kids even stood on the iron fences and suddenly, "Braaakkkkkk", the fenceswere broken and they fell down. Was thatstopping them? No, it wasn't. Just like in Bogor, they asked for photos with the volunteers and fortunately, the Adzan came and they went home to pray. At night we had a bonfire andcorn cobs.The next morning after having breakfast, we went to Mas Boy's paddyfield. Again, like yesterday, the primary students from a nearby school were gazing at us and didn't go to the class. One of us had an idea to have a school visit. We asked permission to the teacher and got permitted to visit their school. They were so delighted to have us and we took somepictures together.

At nine in the morning we left the house to go back home. We stopped at the hot spring and relaxed our body after the first hour of the trip back. We spent an hour there and then we continued our ride. The nextstop we found Durian vendor and we could not help but to stop. After enjoyed four durians, we went home and arrived safely inBogor. We are very thankful to Mas Boy's family for their warm hospitality and allowing us to be part of their family.

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With your help, we can make a difference for more children in Bogor. Donations of any kind are used entirely for the benefit of our students. You can donate resources such as:

  • Fabric and ribbons
  • Books, newspapers, and magazines
  • Paint, paper, and other craft supplies
  • Sports equipment
  • Cameras and computers

If you live in the Bogor area, you can also make donations of food for use in cooking classes or for daily meals.
Please contact to find out more about our current needs and to tell us how you can help.


YCM also relies on monetary sponsorship to fund our project. Without sponsorship, YCM would not be able to continue supporting disadvantaged children to fulfil their potential.

Unlike many charities, YCM does not use sponsorship funds for administrative costs. All funds are used to directly support our project and our students. We offer our sponsors the chance to visit us in Bogor, to see the difference their contributions have made.

We welcome sponsorship of any kind. Some of our sponsors donate small amounts on a regular basis, while others give a larger sum on one occasion. Examples of sponsorship include:

  • Rp 800,000 (approximately US $83.00) one-off, to enable a student to finalise their package school.
  • Rp 1,500,000 (approximately US $156.00) one-off, to assist a student to complete their school examinations.
  • Rp 10,000,000 (approximately US $1036.00) per year, to support a student throughout the course of their university studies.

Please note that these figures change every year, and are simply an indication of recent costs.

Our major sponsors include:

If you are interested in donating funds or discussing ongoing sponsorship opportunities, please contact or

If you are based in Germany and would like to make a monetary donation, please use the following details. Your contribution will be tax deductible.

Verein der Freunde der YCM e.V
Konto/account number: 20 37 63 08
Vierlaender Volksbank
BLZ 20190301

If you are based in Indonesia or any other country, please use the following details.

BNI Bogor Branch Indonesia
Account No. 0145658487

Get Involved

If you are interested in becoming a student at YCM, contact +62 251- 8361237.

If you are interested in joining our team of tutors, please contact

We occasionally offer supported volunteering opportunities through German and Australian organisations. We will announce these in the News section when they become available, and you can also find more information by visiting the organisations’ websites directly.

If you are interested in joining us as a self-funded volunteer, please contact or

Contact Us


JL. Arzimar II Kawung Luwuk
Rt 01/ Rw 01 Tegal Gundil
Bogor 16152 INDONESIA
Phone: +62 251 8361237

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