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Since the beginning of the pandemic, the goverment has announced us that there were 5,770,105 cases of covid-19 by 7th of March 2022. Following the sky rocketed number of the covid-19 cases, the Indonesian’s government was giving the instruction of the closure of offices, public places, schools, and universities. The entire world has changed. YCM’s house that used to always very lively and full of activities, suddenly it was paralysed, we hardly to do anything we used to do. We did not know what to do in that situation. For about the first three months, we did a simple online lesson for YCM’s youth members, and it did not last long. After the first three months, we decided to create activities online and some youth member who needed the equipment and internet connection can come and work on things offline at YCM’s house.

Through the hard time, we finally steps closer to what almost all people in the world been missed. YCM is started to have more offline activities again. We have more classes with kids and teenagers, and starting the sport in the field and other offline activities.

Beside providing regular programs for the kids and teenagers, we offer Women Empowerment Project (WEP) that focused on life skills training for young women in difficult life situations like single parent or having unemployed husband.

We also provide a co-working space for ALUMNI who still have work from home or the youth member who need a space and internet for online study.

After 2 years, we are so delighted to welcome Ibu Gesine back home to YCM again. Everybody is happy to be together again after such a long time.

Another long awaited visit was coming from Deutsche Schule Jakarta (DSJ). We talked, shared and played games together. The precious moments we missed during the pandemic. They also donated furnitures as we used the last months for maintenance and refurbishing.

Despite of all the challenges, one of YCM’s resident young men, Fajrin Hanafi is started his study in a university. He also works as an online mentor of Adobe Certified Professional of video design in Kampus Merdeka. Kampus Merdeka is part of the Merdeka Learning policy by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia which provides opportunities for the participants to deepen their skills according to their talents and interests as the preparation for future careers.

YCM is continuing to share more positive impact to the society even during the pandemic. We hope, we can create more activities and do cooperation again with other organizations and volunteers.

Ibu Putu, Ibu Gesine and all tutors.



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