Since the local government of Bogor loosen up the regulation of the city’s quarantine, we decided to re-open YCM’s building step by step started from June 8th, 2020. As the educational institutions – both formal and non-formal – are still not allowed to open, YCM decided to facilitate the activities of our youths who need the facilities of space to learn or doing their school assignments, internet for their online lessons and examination, working on projects and developing creative ideas to boost or to assist the economic condition of their families or community.

The members of YCM’s family who need to use the facilities of YCM or to do the activities at YCM, have to re-register their intention to come at least a day before. We limit the number of the people who can come to YCM daily. They also have to report their reason why they need to come to YCM and have to obey the covid-19 protocol strictly in our place. So far, since the first day we re-open the site until today, everyone obeys the protocols well and they are all happy to be able to use the site again, although we apply many restrictions.

The core team of YCM take their turn daily to supervise, guide and assist the participants who need support and report to us about the day at YCM. The participants who attended YCM since Monday June 8th mostly need to have a space and internet for their online examination as their family’s homes are mostly very crowded or ridiculously small with no internet access. They also do not have supportive tools like printer or even a comfortable desk for them to do their assignments or test comfortably. The gardening team can also work on their plants and their patch again. The multimedia and handcraft teamsed start their creativity again. Life is difficult now, but if we get up and find ways to light the darkness, we believe everything will be better and new life begins.

If you are considering giving your donation to support our activities, sharing foods and masks please do not hesitate to contact us. Every single Euro, $ or IDR will help us a lot!

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If you are based in Germany and would like to make a monetary donation, please use the following details. Your contribution will be tax deductible.

Verein der Freunde der YCM e.V
Konto/account number: 20 37 63 08
Vierlaender Volksbank
IBAN : DE65 201 901090037630800
BLZ : 20190301

If you are based in Indonesia or any other country, please use the following details.

BNI Bogor Branch Indonesia
Account No. 0145658487

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As always, your support and donation is meaningful to us. The simple step can change the world.
Thank you so much!

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