Amal Cheema

Amal is our new volunteer who is Pakistani American. While doing her one year research around ASEAN countries including Indonesia, she happens to make a stop in Bogor. She found out about YCM through our website and directly asked for a permission to volunteer for a month.

When asked about the contribution that she wanted to give to our students, she said that she was passionate in providing English classes, specifically health. So far, she has given four presentations about health: 1) TBC, Typhoid, Top Ten Diseases; 2) Diabetes; 3) Sexual Health; and 4) Puberty.

“YCM is incredible. It is passionate to empower youths and build a better future. The students are free to explore their interests. Another thing that I like from this foundation is that everyone is welcoming and shows empathy. Rather than being competitive, the people are collaborative. It creates a better environment for everyone around it,” expressed Alma.