Ape enjoys sharing public speaking and presentation skills, and is also often responsible for the organisation and logistics of special events. He first joined YCM in 2006 and attended full time as a student, before beginning a government training course which limited his attendance at YCM. He later approached YCM to ask how he could contribute more to the foundation that had provided him with skills and confidence, which led to him becoming a tutor.

As a student, Ape gained courage to use his English skills; he disliked the theoretical subject at school, but soon found enjoyment in practical speaking at YCM. He now encourages his students to be more talkative and more confident. “If you have skills but don’t ever show them, they don’t count,” he says. He also gained open mindedness and an increased understanding of other cultures by being exposed to new people and ideas.

In the future, Ape hopes to start his own business in Event Management, which would combine his talents as a musician and performer with his skills in organisation and communication. He aspires to be a leader in his field.