From the beginning, Putu and Gesine relied on one another to make things happen. Together, they built the foundation from the ground up, and have watched it grow and develop ever since. Gesine and Putu believe that knowledge can be sought from anywhere. “Everyone can learn from everyone else,” Gesine says. “It’s not only academics who have knowledge to share.”
They are passionate about the unique and heart warming environment offered by YCM. “The positivity is contagious,” Gesine says. She delights in the experience of sharing a small idea with the students, and their receptiveness to thoughts and concepts, rather than simply to tangible items such as food. “I love that the students appreciate anything they receive,” she explains.
Both Gesine and Putu have seen many results in their time at YCM. They are still in contact with alumni who are thankful for their time at YCM; many past students have now married, and have found reliable and fulfilling employment from the opportunities and skills they gained at YCM, which has enabled them to support their families. They are often asked why they work so well together when they are from such different backgrounds. The answer lies in their shared values, their religious tolerance, and their enjoyment of being around people. As Putu says, “we have a shared respect for all human beings, and a shared focus on humanity.” This is the motivation that has driven their success at YCM.