Daniel Orthey


“My time at YCM, I came to YCM in August 2016 for six months to participate in this social program as a volunteer.
From the very beginning, I felt overwhelmed by the people’s hospitality and openness. That is the reason why I had hardly any problems by getting used to the new culture.
At YCM, I shared my knowledge about different matters of life. We talked about current worldwide issues, learned about important values such as “Respect”, “Tolerance” and  “Empathy”, and played games and music. I also had German class every Friday, especially for Bogor Tours’ students in order to give them the possibility to speak German with their German customers and to learn more about the German culture. On the other side, the students taught me how to sew, to cook Indonesian food and to speak their language. They always were very enthusiastic about showing me new aspects of their lifes. During the breaks and after classes, we played volleyball or sat together and sang. We spend a lot of time together. On the weekends, we made trips to hidden places such as waterfalls or went out to ‘Hoolies’ (a bar in Bogor).
For me, it was a wonderful time. YCM is a great project because it supports underprivileged children in a very special way and gives them the possibility to get new skills to achieve their dreams.
It also encourages me to keep on with further social projects in my life.”