With your help, we can make a difference for more children in Bogor. Donations of any kind are used entirely for the benefit of our students. You can donate resources such as:

  • Fabric and ribbons
  • Books, newspapers, and magazines
  • Paint, paper, and other craft supplies
  • Sports equipment
  • Cameras and computers

If you live in the Bogor area, you can also make donations of food for use in cooking groups or for daily meals.
Please contact or to find out more about our current needs and to tell us how you can help.


YCM also relies on monetary sponsorship to fund our project. Without sponsorship, YCM would not be able to continue supporting disadvantaged children to fulfil their potential.

Unlike many charities, YCM does not use sponsorship funds for administrative costs. All funds are used to directly support our project and our students. We offer our sponsors the chance to visit us in Bogor, to see the difference their contributions have made.

We welcome sponsorship of any kind. Some of our sponsors donate small amounts on a regular basis, while others give a larger sum on one occasion. Examples of sponsorship include:

  • Rp 800,000 (approximately US $83.00) one-off, to enable a student to finalise their package school.
  • Rp 1,500,000 (approximately US $156.00) one-off, to assist a student to complete their school examinations.
  • Rp 10,000,000 (approximately US $1036.00) per year, to support a student throughout the course of their university studies.

Please note that these figures change every year, and are simply an indication of recent costs.

Our major sponsors include:

If you are interested in donating funds or discussing ongoing sponsorship opportunities, please contact or

If you are based in Germany and would like to make a monetary donation, please use the following details. Your contribution will be tax deductible.

Verein der Freunde der YCM e.V
Konto/account number: 20 37 63 08
Vierlaender Volksbank
IBAN : DE65 201 901090037630800
BLZ : 20190301

If you are based in Indonesia or any other country, please use the following details.

BNI Bogor Branch Indonesia
Account No. 0145658487