My name is Hanja and I’m volunteering in Yayasan Cipta Mandiri during the month of August.

‘What were your expectations before you came to YCM?’ I was asked by a student and that made me hesitate for a moment. I guess I was expecting something similar to a school where children come together to acquire some knowledge. But YCM is so much more than that. It is a place where friends meet, creativity runs free, prospects are shown, opinions are shared and dreams might come true.

Right from the start I noticed that there was something special about this place. This warm and familiar atmosphere surrounding YCM and that welcomed me from day one, made me instantly feel in good hands.

I was overwhelmed by the positive attitude of the students, showing so much interest, willing to progress but never forgetting to have fun and to enjoy what they are doing. Not having seen so many smiling faces elsewhere and motivated people in one place. An experience I don’t want to miss, since I now much more appreciate things and opportunities I took for granted.

Although I am going to stay at Yayasan Cipta Mandiri for one month only I am quite sure, that I will return home with lots of unforgettable memories of an intense time among new friends. I am so glad that I got the chance to meet so many wonderful people, who introduced me to their culture and lifes, which otherwise never would have happened. Eventually I hope that I can contribute some experiences and support to the YCM family in return – terima kasih banyak!