Manish Raj Silwal

Manis Raj Silwal

Manish is originally from Nepal and is studying Computer Science at Kathmandu University. Now on his sixth semester, he is interested in doing a voluntarily work at YCM for four weeks through a student’s exchange program called AIESEC-IPB. He’s been teaching the students of WEB-IT about coding (Bootstrap and WordPress). He has finished with HTML and CSS. He has been helping the students design their own websites and hopefully they can sell them with valuable price. Additionally, he said that he would like to assist the students put their CVs through online platform.

“I meet a lot of good people here. The food is new to me,” he exclaimed. “I am impressed with the enthusiasm that the students posses, especially towards learning. The students are fast learners. I really like the concept of YCM. It’s without curriculum and the students start to learn skills from early ages,” he said.