News and Events


Nick Bosch was a private German volunteer who has shared his knowledge at our place for two weeks. Nick is a volunteer in Germany too and works at a similar youth project for refugees. He enjoyed spending his time with our students. He was very grateful to join YCM as he could learn and collect ideas for the project in Germany. Thanks a lot for spending time with us, Nick, and we were pleased to have you here.

Hansen was our first Chinese volunteer who’s affiliated with AISEC, an exchange program. It was a pleasure to have Hansen at YCM as he was so open minded and funny. He was stunned by the friendliness and welcoming atmosphere at our house of dreams.

Both Hansen and Nick organized traditional games from their countries and together with students they cooked Chinese dumplings, mousse au chocolate and Mira, our longtime Volunteer from Australia taught how to make sausage roll.


Dea was invited by Ibu Gesine to share about her University studies in Germany. With passion and encouragement she talked about the decision about studying in Germany without even speaking any German at that time, her brave step to move to Hamburg and her commitment to learn hard to reach her goal: to become a docter! She managed to be accepted at Greifswald Univercity for Medicin. Dea shared about the difficulties she had to face and how she managed to focus and never to give up. Thank you, Dea – it was so impressive and encouraging to listen to you!


We would like to express our gratitude to our friends and supporters who supported us through the Public Voting since our application selected by Global Youth Empowerment Fund with another nine organizations started from 16 to 22 July 2016. The Global Youth Empowerment Fund Board of Trustees was making the final decision on the 2016 Global Youth Empowerment Fund grantees based on the voting scores and their own evaluations. And Yayasan Cipta Mandiri was finally announced as one of the first recipients of the grant to receive the financial award of US $ 5000. We will use the fund to support our one year youth internship programs.