Our Staff



Project Coordinator

Kohar shares basic computer skills, website development, and English. He also assists with administrative responsibilities such as the daily timetable. He joined YCM in 2005, and spent four years as a student before being offered the chance to become a tutor. He was supported to complete external IT and web design courses so that he was qualified to take over such duties at YCM.

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Project Administration Officer

Nur, mostly she shares elementary students, covering Basic English for them. She first joined YCM in 2002 as a student.

In 2007, Nur started to share at YCM, focusing on mathematics for elementary students. After a few months, she began teaching English and she didn’t only share the elementary students, but also the bigger ones. In 2009, she received a full scholarship to continue her study to university from AWA.

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Program Development Officer

Ape enjoys sharing public speaking and presentation skills, and is also often responsible for the organisation and logistics of special events. He first joined YCM in 2006 and attended full time as a student, before beginning a government training course which limited his attendance at YCM. He later approached YCM to ask how he could contribute more to the foundation that had provided him with skills and confidence, which led to him becoming a tutor.

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Human Resources Officer

Ono enjoys using his strong English skills to share games, and also uses his talent for sport to oversee the Basketball and Futsal Communities.He had always dreamt of becoming an educator or a soccer player and, at YCM, he is able to do both. He first joined YCM in 2005, and became a tutor in 2007.

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Finance Officer

Amank is an Accounting Assistant. He first joined YCM in 2008, and took on accounting responsibilities in 2010 after being supported by YCM to undertake relevant external courses which he was interested in. Amank’s role includes recording daily costs, balancing monthly expenses, and coordinating the payment of school fees and sponsorship. He also purchases school resources when necessary – anything from rice to soap to a new toilet door.

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Youth Development Counselor

Hendi is a tutor in Art and English. He joined YCM in 2007, shortly after completing a course in graphic design. Being a tutor at YCM has given him an opportunity to learn organisational skills, share his design knowledge, and practise in YCM’s video editing room.

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Ibu Lilis

Sewing Tutor

Ibu Lilis is YCM’s most experienced sewing tutor. She first joined YCM in 2004 because she wanted to share her knowledge with underprivileged students, to support them in gaining independence.

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Assistant of Sewing Tutor

Dewi is a current student at YCM, and is also a part time tutor in Sewing. She joined YCM in 2010, and began tutoring in early 2012. She has strong organisational skills, and provides support in arranging the cooking schedule and other tasks.

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Assistant of Sewing Tutor

Mas Boy is a current student at YCM, and also works as a part time tutor in Sewing and Design. He began as a student in 2010 and began the transition to becoming a tutor in 2012. He also now oversees the Fashion and Design Community.

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Youth Development Counselor

Ronald is a tutor in English. He first joined YCM in 2007, and was a student until 2011, at which time he was sponsored to attend college through YCM.Whilst he undertook his degree, he wanted to continue supporting the students, so he accepted the offer of becoming apart time tutor at YCM.

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Computer Tutor & Administration Officer

Havni is a Computer tutor. She joined YCM in 2008 and immediately felt comfortable in YCM’s welcoming environment, and enjoyed working with the computer classes. “I’ve gained lots of things from this place, such as English skills, and web browsing,” she says.

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Junior Tutor

Rina is a current student and join with Event Organizer program at YCM, and also works as a junior counselor on a part time basis. Read more