Our Staff



Project Coordinator

Kohar shares basic computer skills, website development, and English. He also assists with administrative responsibilities such as the daily timetable. He joined YCM in 2005, and spent four years as a student before being offered the chance to become a tutor. He was supported to complete external IT and web design courses so that he was qualified to take over such duties at YCM.

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Project Administration Officer & SOLA Rumah Karya’s Manager

Nur, mostly she shares elementary students, covering Basic English for them. She first joined YCM in 2002 as a student.

In 2007, Nur started to share at YCM, focusing on mathematics for elementary students. After a few months, she began teaching English and she didn’t only share the elementary students, but also the bigger ones. In 2009, she received a full scholarship to continue her study to university from AWA.

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Human Resources Officer

Ono enjoys using his strong English skills to share games, and also uses his talent for sport to oversee the Basketball and Futsal Communities.He had always dreamt of becoming an educator or a soccer player and, at YCM, he is able to do both. He first joined YCM in 2005, and became a tutor in 2007.

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Ibu Lilis

Sewing Tutor

Ibu Lilis is YCM’s most experienced sewing tutor. She first joined YCM in 2004 because she wanted to share her knowledge with underprivileged students, to support them in gaining independence.

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Sewing Tutor

Dewi is tutor in Sewing. She joined YCM in 2010, and began tutoring in early 2012. She has strong organisational skills, and provides support in arranging the cooking schedule and other tasks.

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English Tutor

Rina is English tutor, she focus on sharing English basic to Elementary classes. Read more