Putu Ayu Novitry Ariany


Putu is an educator who was born and raised in West Java. Though her formal background lies in Biology, she has worked as a personal tutor for English-speaking students in Bogor and Jakarta, and at the International School of Bogor, in English as a Second Language (ESL), Bahasa Indonesia, computer studies, mathematics and biology.

Putu first became involved with the foundation when she and Gesine hatched the plan to start a new social project for underprivileged children in Bogor. They shared a vision of creating a unique learning environment centred on non-formal education, and founded YCM together in 2002. Putu lives in Bogor with her husband, and is looking forward to starting a family soon.

For now, she continues to tutor and motivate students on a daily basis at YCM and, as the Project Leader, provides the on-the-ground management of YCM’s administration and staff.