Resti is a current student at YCM, and also works as a tutor on a part time basis. She shares the subjects that she finds most enjoyable and useful as a student – global knowledge, English, and Maths. Resti joined YCM in 2010, after graduating from high school. In 2012, she began to assist tutors and to transition to becoming a tutor herself.

Resti enjoys meeting new people, gaining confidence in English speaking, and being given responsibility at YCM. As she is considering a career in sharing, her time at YCM gives her valuable practical experience in the classroom. She enjoys answering her students’ questions, and creates an environment in which they feel comfortable to speak up. Resti is passionate about working with people.

Resti’s goal is simple – to share all her knowledge and enthusiasm with her students. She also imparts her confidence to them: “We are all the same. We all eat rice. No one needs to be shy around anybody else,” she says. She is hoping to undertake further studies in Education in the near future.