The COVID-19 pandemic is a global situation, affecting people all over the world, not to mention in Jakarta and surrounding areas like Bogor.

All public institutions, government and non-government, have temporarily closed in Bogor until the situation gets better, including Yayasan Cipta Mandiri (YCM) which is closed until further notice from the government.

This uncertain situation requires us to be creative while still providing meaningful lessons to others. YCM’s team is trying to keep up services to our students via online lessons that youth can access via a smartphone. Unfortunately, the challenge for some of our youth is not only limited tools, but also an internet connection to access the lessons themselves – even for those who have a smartphone, many cannot afford to buy internet data.

Besides the online lessons, our team members are also trying to educate their peers through creating posters and videos about the importance of social distancing, staying at home, disinfecting their homes, and washing their hands. It can be difficult to tell people in our community to stay at home and do social distancing as many of them live in crowded conditions in simple and small homes shared with many people. However, we believe peer-to-peer lessons are an effective way to share information with others.

Another initiative from our team is making fabric masks for the community. They make the masks that are made from two plies of cotton which is washable and reusable, and that masks have a section to insert a non-woven fabric or tissues. By making the fabric masks, they could earn a little income by selling some parts of the masks as well as to share for free for those who cannot afford to buy one

Some youth students are taking turns to cook at YCM, while keeping their distance from one another, to help provide for those who live nearby and are having difficulty buying food.

During this difficult time, our commitment is to keep the organisation running, and to work together to serve the community.

In challenging times like now, donations decrease for charities and NGOs and this applies also to YCM.

If you are considering giving your donation to support our activities, sharing foods and masks please do not hesitate to contact us. Every single Euro, $ or IDR will help us a lot!

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If you are based in Germany and would like to make a monetary donation, please use the following details. Your contribution will be tax deductible.

Verein der Freunde der YCM e.V
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Vierlaender Volksbank
IBAN : DE65 201 901090037630800
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If you are based in Indonesia or any other country, please use the following details.

BNI Bogor Branch Indonesia
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Your support and donations mean a lot for us! Let’s face these challenges together!

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