Thorsten Nitzschke


Thorsten Nitzschke (Retired business man, sponsor and regular inspirational coach in YCM)

It is a sad matter of fact that in Indonesia the majority of kids are still growing up in families that make a living on barely more than a few Dollars per day, if at all. One logical consequence is a lack of eduction as it’s simply not affordable for many.

Early on these kids typically lose hope that their lives could be any different from what they see in their families and neighborhoods. While in their teens many surrender any hope for an adult life beyond lowly paid jobs and poverty. No wonder that many teens hang out senselessly and a growing number become street thugs, fall pray to drugs and in extreme cases are recruited by religious fanatics.

YCM offers a real opportunity to break out of this vicious circle. The stories of numerous YCM alumni provide evidence that “history must not equal destiny”. There is so much hidden talent and creativity in these kids. The inspiring surrounding of YCM is helping to bring it to light. I am very happy that I can be part of this process. The results I see are heart-warming and the most satisfying reward I could think of.