Bunga Hikmawati

Bunga Hikmawati

I am happy to be able to share my life’s story with you all. I would love myself, my name is Bunga. I’m 19 years old and came from Kebumen, Central Java. My mother works as a servant for another family. My father passed away when I was 14 years old and I have six siblings. I graduated from SMAN 1 Kebumen (Senior High School). In 2017, I moved to Bogor. I came to Bogor to join my sister who had moved to Bogor long before me.

In Bogor, I try to keep myself busy and useful and luckily I got a chance to assist the kindergarten teacher, in the morning. Besides the morning teaching, I help my sister with chores like cleaning up her house, taking care of her children and preparing her products (herbs) that she usually sells for the restaurants in Bogor. 

However, I wanted to do something more than those things, something that would improve my knowledge, skills and open up more opportunities for my life. I started to seek information regarding courses, but I did not have much money. My sister recommended me YCM because my niece had joined YCM before she got busy with school. Then, I asked Kohar (YCM’s Coordinator) some questions through Facebook and he told me that I should come to YCM directly. He explained to me about YCM, and then I decided to join YCM! What a precious chance for me…

I join Yayasan Cipta Mandiri (YCM) for more than 10 months already now and I am the member of the youth programs of Bogor Tours and Creative Writing.

YCM has given me a chance to have a better life. I have always wanted to continue my study in a college, but I have a financial problem. But now, I think YCM has given me more knowledge, education, and experiences—I would say more than a college could provide. I am grateful to become a part of YCM. I have learned to be a professional tour guide through Bogor Tours. Another thing is that I can express my hobby in creative writing by creating poems, short stories and articles. In addition, I am able to help my mother support our family from the pocket money I earn from Bogor Tours. I have been an assistant tour leader for five times.

At YCM, I also learn other subjects like business, leadership, human rights and many more, through workshops every Tuesday. Actually, to be YCM is a good chance for me to make my English fluent because I can speak with foreigners (volunteers). Plus, the tutors teach me how to speak and write in English. YCM is my family. When I have problems, the people always support me. They show me the meaning of life. They also show me that everything is not all about physical appearance. So, I want to prove to everyone I know that I can do the best with my skills.  I do not want to lose the opportunities that I have at YCM.  YCM is not just a foundation. It is “the house of dreams”. Thank you donors and supporters you made my life’s journey better and I’m positively facing the world now! I’ll do my best to reach my dream and be useful to others.