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Indonesia… Before leaving Germany in order to visit Bali on vacation in October I had only heard of the warm, friendly and open-minded people, the most pristine culture and undeterred lifestyle of my parents’ narratives of 25 years or so ago. Oh, and not to mention the incredibly efficient traffic provisions (not ;). So staying there for a month was my first delicate touch with the country consisting of – depending on whom you ask – mind-blowing 13k, 15k, or even 17k islands.

Continuing my travel through Asia for two more weeks, the impact my time in Bali had left was distinctive. Though Singapore and Bangkok were undoubtedly two worthwhile experiences, I couldn’t wait to get back to Indonesia.

What should I say, faster than I could eat another portion of mango with sticky rice in the Sukhumvit Road I found myself chatting with three YCM students in the car on the way from Jakarta’s airport to Bogor. And faster than being able to realise that the incredibly kind family I’ve just met will host me for the next 6 months I was already on the stage in the Hoolies, singing a Maroon 5 song I’d barely ever heard before between a bunch of smiling and laughing faces that were going to be the first portion of wonderful people I was just about to getting to know.

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Lena Ebers

My name is Lena and I’m volunteering at YCM for half a year, starting from September.

On my first day here I was asked about how I felt before I left. “Nervous, but excited.” I said. Nervous about if people would be welcoming, about how well I would fit into this place. It turned out that my worries were uncalled for, as I was welcomed with open arms. From the very first second people here tried to make me feel comfortable and included me into this wonderful community that radiates acceptance and familiarity.

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Long term volunteers

We have hosted a number of long term volunteers in the past.

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Workshop volunteers

We have also hosted guests who donate their time to provide specialized workshops. This is a non-exhaustive list of those who have contributed their time.

  • Peter Geers, Health information and fun Science workshop, Australia, 2019
  • Immanuel Hotdo, Business using online platform workshop, 2017
  • Suzanne Rastovac & Jeremy Flohr, Music workshop, Netherlands, 2014
  • Peter & Delma, Science workshop, Australia, 2014 and 2016