Our Volunteers

Ilka Schreier

My name is Ilka and I am volunteering in YCM for 6 months. In my first two months I became a part of this community, I don´t want to miss anymore.

On my first day, I was asked about my dream-my goal in life. Back in that moment I couldn’t be more surprised, because most of my friends and I don’t have ´the´ fixed goal in life, not even calling it something as romantic as a dream. But with every day passing by I understood: when you are neither given many opportunities nor have much to dream of in your surroundings, coming to YCM, the house of dreams, is a life changer. First you start dreaming and eventually if you work hard it can become reality, as everyone can see due to really successful alumni.

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Roger Kymble Hall

Kym Hall originally from Australia, Kym is our volunteer who is affiliated with an organization called
AVI (Australian Volunteers International). He is going to contribute at our place for the next
year. Prior to arriving in Bogor, he attended a four-day cross-cultural training in Australia, and a
one-week training in Jakarta, and took a one-month Indonesian course at Wisma Bahasa in
Yogyakarta, Central Java.

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Andrew Catton

Affiliated with the AVI (Australian Volunteers Indonesia) program, Andrew is assigned as YCM’s entrepreneur adviser for a year, where he is focused on the development and progress of our SOLA Kreatif Media business and recent-established cooperative, SOLA Rumah Karya.

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Lauren Cavanagh

Affiliated with Australian Volunteers International (AVI), Lauren is our new volunteer who is going to be our Youth Program Coordinator for the next year. “I am excited to be at YCM. I find the people friendly, and the atmosphere is lovely,” said Lauren.

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Hannah Findlay

Hannah is our Scottish volunteer who has been providing English classes for our pre-intermediate class for six months. Coming to YCM twice a week, Hannah is very interested in imparting the English knowledge.

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Long term volunteers

We have hosted a number of long term volunteers in the past.

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Workshop volunteers

We have also hosted guests who donate their time to provide specialized workshops. This is a non-exhaustive list of those who have contributed their time.

  • Immanuel Hotdo, Business using online platform workshop, 2017
  • Suzanne Rastovac & Jeremy Flohr, Music workshop, Netherlands, 2014
  • Peter & Delma, Science workshop, Australia, 2014 and 2016