Bunga Hikmawati,

I am happy to be able to share my life’s story with you all. I would love myself, my name is Bunga. I’m 19 years old and came from Kebumen, Central Java. My mother works as a servant for another family. My father passed away when I was 14 years old and I have six siblings. I graduated from SMAN 1 Kebumen (Senior High School). In 2017, I moved to Bogor. I came to Bogor to join my sister who had moved to Bogor long before me. Read More

Fajrin Hanafi, 24 Years old.

I’m Fajrin one of YCM’s Youth Leader for Multimedia-Graphic Design program. I was 3 years old when a lump on my head was suspected as a tumor. Thus I had a surgery for the first time. The tumor grew again when I was about 9 years old, and I had my second surgery. When I was 14 years old, the lump re-grew and even bigger than before. It spread to my left part of face up to my neck. The cancerous tumor was the cause that made me had to face another surgery in Jakarta the capital of Indonesia, and I lost part of my face. Read More

Nurhasanah, 18 Years old.

My name is Nurhasanah. I join with two internship programs: Gardening & Graphic Design. The purpose of attending YCM is to broaden my knowledge and improve my confidence. Being here for two and a half years, I have gained a lot of things including how to face different characters and know the meaning of life. Read more

Nisa, 15 Years old.

“Being at YCM for almost six years has been really fantastic to me where I have met a new family and made a lot of friends. Since I’m still under 16, I haven’t joined with any programs that YCM is providing.  Read more

Nadila, 15 Years old.

Learning at YCM is totally different compared to a formal school. The learning style is exciting and interactive, meaning that  it’s easy to make friends here. Read more.

Nabila, 15 Years old.

I’ve been at YCM for 4 years. Before, I was a shy student who wasn’t able to express my feelings. I’ve changed a lot at YCM, where now I’ve become more confident and got more friends. I’m also more disciplined now. Read more.

Ridwan, 19 years old.

Being involved with the program has taught me to become more responsible and disciplined. One last thing that I would like to share is that the learning style at YCM is relaxing and enjoyable.  Read more.