DAP (Direct Aid Program) by Australian Embassy Jakarta

Bogor PEDULI (Penggerak Edukasi Lingkungan) By Yayasan Cipta Mandiri (YCM)

What is DAP?

DAP is small funding that organized by Australian embassy for Indonesia. The purpose of the funding is to support sustainable community development and to help improve people’s lives

Environmental Sustainability – Community Awareness and Education

What we do?

  • Developing a package of education and awareness raising about the effects of waste in Bogor neighborhood, the target is school students.
  • Train “peer persuaders” (youth leaders) to campaign “Bogor PEDULI”.
  • Spreading messages that can awaken about the effects of waste and motivate schoolchildren to take action.


Performance measurement:

  • Packages of videos, booklets, posters and activities have been created
  • The training of Youth Leaders and confidently campaigning.
  • Package “Bogor PEDULI” is integrated with YCM curriculum with target of at least 110 YCM students in 12 months and 3 other organizations within 6 months.

Project duration

Thirteen (13) weeks to create package “Bogor PEDULI” that is:
@ Three (3) weeks to create a community awareness video.
@ Four (4) weeks of cartoon video creation
@ Four (4) weeks to create and produce booklet activity
@ Two (2) weeks of making a poster

Two (2) days to train “Peer Persuaders” to apply the package

Four (4) weeks to start the program at YCM

Twenty four (24) weeks to “distribute” the program to schools and organizations

TOTAL = 41 weeks

The use of material (in Indonesian) to be developed into:

  • Supporting and developing existing programs at YCM, and introducing “Bogor PEDULI”
  • Material development becomes a module for government organizations, NGOs, and special needs schools in Bogor
  • The material is used for “Bogor PEDULI” awareness days of parents and YCM students
  • Campaign through internet media
  • Material may be used by other organizations in Indonesia to apply awareness of waste, modifications may be required if the material becomes “Indonesia PEDULI”.

Please contact YCM for the best resolution of the POSTERS and Booklet.