Lena Ebers

My name is Lena and I’m volunteering at YCM for half a year, starting from September.

On my first day here I was asked about how I felt before I left. “Nervous, but excited” I said. Nervous about if people would be welcoming, about how well I would fit into this place. It turned out that my worries were uncalled for, as I was welcomed with open arms. From the very first second people here tried to make me feel comfortable and included me into this wonderful community that radiates acceptance and familiarity.

I was especially nervous about how well my shy personality would fit into this place, since I imagined a good volunteer to be outgoing and talkative. However, tutors and students alike were more respectful and understanding than I expected, giving me the time I needed to accustomise.

Even after some time, teaching is still challenging. I believe that’s also partly due to the lack of a curriculum. This, while challenging, is an aspect I highly value about the foundation since it allows the tutors to adapt the classes to the interests and needs of each class. It’s a chance to introduce knowledge that’s not typically taught in school, but is beneficial for widening horizons and the development of strong characters.

I’m beyond grateful that I have the chance to experience life in Indonesia as a part of this community and hope that I’ll be able to leave a positive impact behind.