Let’s Read

YCM as a non formal school is equipped with a small library where all books are mostly
from volunteers, collegues, and donators. Currently we have around 1000 books ranged from
children to adults and English books dominate our shelves. Tutors at YCM are benefited from
our library as one of the resources to be used in the class. One of which is to teach reading
comprehension and storytelling. The students are also able to borrow the books and read
them at home. It is not really in our culture to read books.



To boost the students reading motivation at YCM, we create a project called Let’s
Read. Let’s Read is a four-month project where students collect points based on the
number of pages of the book they read. Collected points are accumulated and
exchanged with reward.

How it works
Once the students finish reading a book, they will receive points for each book they
read. They also have to write down minimum five new words they find the book they
are reading. At the end of the project, we will hold a spelling competition where the
words are from the books they have read and each student will share the story they
read with the committee.

The pilot Let’s Read project was in August 2018, and the second round was held in 2019. We will aim to run the Let’s Read project 1-2 times per year.