Youth Development Officer

Ono enjoys using his strong English skills to share games, and also uses his talent for sport to oversee the Basketball and Futsal Communities.He had always dreamt of becoming an educator or a soccer player and, at YCM, he is able to do both. He first joined YCM in 2005, and became a tutor in 2007.

“Being here has totally changed my life,” he says. “When I left primary school, I had no goals. Through YCM I have continued my education, and improved my personal skills and financial situation.” Ono’s specialty is developing his own educational games, particularly those which combine both literacy and numeracy in an interactive way. “Maths is my weakness,” he says. “So I asked myself, how can I make it strength?” The answer was to create a competitive counting game based on the alphabet, which has proven successful with students.

In the future, Ono is hoping to continue studying in Education, Sport, or English. Ultimately, his aim is to become a Sports Coach.