What is YEIP?

The project “Youth Empowerment and Internship Program” (YEIP) is a collaboration of YCM, community members and other stakeholders that is highly beneficial not only for the youth of the community but for the community as a whole. It is a much needed program that addresses the development issues in the community. The project has the capacity to turn the non-productive youth into responsible, active citizens who will work towards the holistic development of themselves and their society.

The key objectives of the project are as follows:

  1. To develop capacity of youth in non-academic competencies through character building training and workshop.
  2. To develop educational material underlying the core entrepreneurial skills needed for the 7 YCM internship programs that can generate income streams.
  3. To mobilize and assist 150 young people get organised and focused on income generating and community development activities through engaging and organisational capacity building in YCM. Further to that, this project will also reach out to 3 youth based associations/groups/cooperatives in Bogor and the surrounding areas.
  4. To train 30 youth groups representatives (50% young women) drawn from the above mentioned youth groups with entrepreneurial skills (income generating skills) as peer persuaders and facilitate them to share their experience and skills with other young people within their groups,thus training an additional 90 young people from the above mentioned 3youth groups to develop entrepreneurship based business plans, publish these plans on our website and encourage potential donors and investors to support them.
  5. To reach and create awareness of the existence of the Youth Empowerment and Internship programs to 1000 people directly in Bogor, Cipanas and Cisarua through community based functions such as arts, sports and forums with the project developmental message or issues on importance of basic education and vocational skills as well as youth participation on social and economic development.

YEIP is one of the cornerstones of Yayasan Cipta Mandiri’s activities, it is laying the groundwork for YCM youth to be a force within the community.Through this project YCM is hopeful that the youth will be able to compete locally and globally to meet the established demands in the market with a high skilled, knowledge and self motivation in self-employment and entrepreneurship.

8 Programs of YEIP

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