YCM Newsletter January-March 2018

Dear friends and supporters of YCM!

It is time to send some updates about our activities! As always it is our intention to keep you informed but also to keep up your interest and support for this foundation. It is worth it, I am experiencing just now (again) how lively this place is with our students so so full of enthusiasm to learn and acquire skills for a better life.

We constantly try to network and invite guests to share knowledge as well as present YCM as a social project worth being sponsored. WHY do we do it?

1. Of course we need donations to keep this place alive! Our monthly costs have almost doubled over the last few years due to adjustments of our programs. We offer more specific and skill oriented education which requires equipment and trainings. Moreover, we pay pocket money to our Youth Leaders and more to our assistant tutors. 2. Secondly, we want to prove to our supporters that YCM is always offering a very interesting, motivating and flexible program. We want to assure you that each Cent or Rupiah of your donation is used for the benefit of the young people here.

We are always happy to welcome guests from around the world and especially we love to welcome back former volunteers like Simon Wöller, who visited YCM last month for some days. We shared memories and he updated us about his interesting life since leaving Bogor (University in Berlin, South Africa, Shanghai) He gave input to our communities and shared some knowledge. Thank you, Simon! Next month we are looking forward to the visit of our first ever volunteer, Trutz von Klodt who joined YCM in 2007 for a full year.

In this newsletter, Fajrin, one of our cancer patients will give an update on his condition and situation. His positive attitude is absolutely amazing! Nico, our current volunteer from Denmark will tell you about her first weeks in Bogor and we provide information about some of our recent activities.

Our start-up “Bogortours” (please check Tripadvisor and/or http://www.bogortours.wixsite.com) is successfully guiding tourists on custom-made tours through Bogor and surroundings! They meanwhile have managed a very good Tripadvisor ranking. It is a constant challenge though as some of our most experienced guides and ‘project developers’ may have to move on in life: take up University studies or start working as their income from Bogortours is not yet sufficient. Hence, we constantly have to teach and train other interested students but also do research and offer new tours to keep our offered tour program attractive. Next time when I am in Bogor I will definitely book the “FOOD TOUR” and my husband will do the fascinating “BADUY TOUR“ once again , this time with a friend from overseas. By the way, our long-term NGO volunteer Mira is doing a wonderful job of handling “Bogor Tours’, unfortunately until end of April only when her contract is finished and she is going to return to Australia with her family.

You see, everything is moving….

Thank you all for your support which is highly appreciated and very much needed.

Salam manis, Ibu Gesine

Youth Empowerment and Internship Program (YEIP) Activities

Our trainers, students, and volunteers went camping around Bogor area for two days. There were 55 people joining the activity. The trainers divided the students into groups, because the agenda was all about team-building. Since there were many new students joining, it was the perfect time to introduce YEIP program. Some participants put on some performances during the two-night stay. The rest of the activities were followed by games, walking to a curug (waterfall) and just enjoying a holiday together.

Bazaar Bintang

Our young students were so excited to trade their “stars” (their currency to exchange stationery, food, clothes, etc). Holding this event is something that we do frequently to appreciate their dedication to learning at our place.

Meeting Invitation
We had a chance to visit the UNV (United Nations Volunteers) in Jakarta, where we made a brief speech, thanking the organization for inviting YCM, as well as involving us in their program. The UNV volunteers introduced YCM and other organizations which are based in West Java and Jakarta. Our tutors said that the UNV volunteers mentioned YCM was the best organization their had ever visited so far. What a positive thing!




Some of the UNV (United Nations Volunteers) participants came to visit our place to experience our programs. Having visited YCM for three days, they must have learned so much about our activities, programs, students, tutors, etc. We hope to maintain our collaboration with the UNV in the future.

“Die Brücke” Bazaar and German School DSJ


Our handcrafting team KANCING joined the “Die Brücke” bazaar which was held in Jakarta. It was a great opportunity for the team, because they could sell their hand-made products to local people, as well as to foreigners. Furthermore, the members of KANCING learned how to interact with new people and, of course, promote their products. “Die Brücke” – the German women’s Orgnisation Jakarta – is supporting YCM since many years. We are so grateful for their dedication and help. Thanks to the current President Mrs Shazy we finally could establish a good contact to the German School in Jakarta through the headmaster and his wife, Mr Hofmann and Mrs Nissen. YCM was invited to present the foundation, our activities and start-ups at the yearly school event. 3 Interns from Germany who are working at DSJ for 6 month support the cooperation by encouraging students to start activities together. In addition the 3 Interns prepare a workshop for YCM tutors. The responsible persons at DSJ understand the need for us to find funds and for start-ups to earn money thus they offered to have a permanent display shelve for products and services of KANCING (handicraft), Bogortours (tourguiding), SOLA kreatifmedia (multimedia services); Robin Herbs (gardening) at the school.
We are very hopeful to start a successful cooperation for the benefit of all parties involved – as honestly the young people of DSJ can also learn a lot from YCM family.

Nico Vih Peltier “Go Global Indonesia” Volunteer from Denmark

About a month ago I arrived in Bogor, a city I had never been to, in a country that I had never visited. I was really excited, but also quite scared at the same time. The idea of going to a whole different country with a different language and a very different culture from my hometown (Copenhagen) was a bit much to take in.

When I had my first day at Yayasan Cipta Mandiri (YCM) I had only met a few of the people working there, so everything was quite new. I had been looking forward to meeting everyone, and meeting everyone I did. On that first day, I was pretty much the center of attention, which was weird as I normally don’t really like being it, however this time it meant that the students were able to ask me questions, talk about themselves, which was very nice and kinda reassuring the way that they all welcomed me to YCM.

My classes started, and I was able to see how the different teachers/volunteers were sharing their knowledge with the students. They all have different ways to conduct a class, while always keeping it interesting, and kinda fun for the students. They encourage the students to be creative, think outside of the box, and express their own opinions and ideas, which is something I find important.

For the older students, YCM has 4 programs (Bogor Tours, RobinHerbs, SOLA, and Kancing) where their products/services can be sold which I find very beneficial for the students as it shows them that their work pays off.
While I’ve been here I’ve had the chance to experience many different things; such as delicious (however spicy) foods, motorbike rides, Tours, Indonesian weddings, a different and very interesting culture, camping, and more. However, the best thing is the people, as they have all been so great at taking care of me, and involving me in all of these different activities. I am very much looking forward to my next couple of months that I get to spend here with them.

Story of Fajrin Hanafi

I’m Fajrin one of member Yayasan Cipta Mandiri. When I was 3 years old until now, I had to face cancer and surgery 7 times. Big challenge for me but I always postive in my mind. Now YCM Family always support moral (like example before I join with YCM I always covered my face with a scarf but now I dont a scarf to cover my face anymore) and YCM give support Financial to cost medication to hospital in Jakarta.

Good news from me, now I’m getting closer with my big dream as ambassador of cancer, last week contact to become a volunteer in Komunitas Taufan as (Videography), Komunitas Taufan is a community to help kids with cancer, and give motivation for family. The reason I want join with komunitas Taufan is I want to help kids with cancer and I want to tell them how precious our life are.
Now Diagnosis from Doctor in Hospital Jakarta (RS. Dharmais) that I have to receive chemo because cell cancer it’s spread. I always hope for my better health, I’m always also positive thinking. And I want keep learning, doing the best, and be useful. Hopefully as fast as possible my healthy is heal and this year I can continue my study in university. I hope.

Dear YCM donors and supporters,
We would like to apologize you if our newsletter’s emails did not go through to your primary inbox but through spam or other ways. In order to enable them to go through your primary inbox, please kindly add our email address yciptamandiri@gmail.com to your contact list.

Thank you and have a great day!

Kind regards,

Abdul Kohar

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